Coffee...the juice of life

I don't know about anyone else, but for me, the world does not begin turning in the morning until I've had my cup of coffee. So here I sit at my computer sipping at my coffee and trying to compose lucid ramblings. I don't know if its working yet, my brain has not yet shifted into gear.

I'm waging a great and heroic battle against this head cold I've been fighting for the last 5 days. Its simply gotten to the point where its interfering with my plans for the day and I'm not pleased with this at all. There are two major things that I want to get accomplished today and come hell or high water I'm bound and determined to go and do them.

As of late, I have become interested in a fun group of people called the Nevada Old-Time Fiddlers Association. I went to one of their open jams two weeks ago and had the very best time. I've been looking forward to joining them again, but I missed last week's open jam because I had to work. (Here's me growling at this...grrrrrrrr). I don't want to miss today's open jam simply because my head feels like its full of sand. Although the thought of breaking every five minutes to hock up a lung cookie or to blow my nose is less than appealing in general and more so if I've put myself into the position where I'd be doing it in the company of 30 other people. So I've got to make a decision do I stay at home and rest up for what my number one priority is (which I will describe momentarily), or do I go and try to feel human again?

My number one priority is a Brad Paisley concert that I've been looking forward to for 3 weeks. My best friend purchased the tickets weeks ago and we both rearranged our work schedules to make sure that we could attend. I was in search of a lamp shade to wear on my head in honor of Brad Paisley's song "Alcohol". I gave up that search since there wasn't a convenient one at the house and I'm not sure that I could pull off that look.

As always,

~River (simply being me)