A Return From the Void

So, I really sucked at Blogging quite some time before...and I may continue to bore people who stumble unwittingly upon River's Ramblings. However, I believe that it is time to give this one more go.

Things in life tend to change drastically, so drastically sometimes that it forces you to change and/or redefine who you are. I've had one of those changes in my life, just this past year. I was hit by a catastrophic illness that left me paraplegic, unable to continue my life as a Registered Nurse. So, now at the tender age of 33 I have been forced into early retirement. I have a lot of time to fill now.

A portion of this past year, half of it in fact, I have spent without access to the internet. This period of time I have been referring to as the void. I had to create things to keep myself occupied and to keep myself from losing my mind. Fortunately, part of the aftermath of my catastrophic illness comes with a boost in creativity. Something that I sorely lacked before in my life, being the consummate left-brain science nerd.

Now, I am spending my time writing a novel length story, knitting, crocheting, learning the tin whistle, etching glass, carving art into tile...all sorts of things.

Part of me thinks that cronicling some of the things that I am doing and creating would be interesting to others...the other part of me knows that it will at least be interesting to me. So, for no other reason that it being interesting to me, I believe that I will pick up my blog once more and see if I can't bore the innocent passer by once in a while.

Treat yourselves well, you're the only 'you' you have.